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Learn How to Use ADrive Online Backup to Securely Backup Your Files to the Cloud

ADrive is a free file storage service that stands out for its large capacity and facilitates the handling of files in a similar environment to which we are accustomed to using on our own PC.

We can manage our files the same way we do in our system, with a very familiar file browser that will show all operations available to apply to our files. This window is the one that will allow us to perform most actions available in ADrive, from adding, copying or deleting files from our online hard drive to editing the details of our user account.

ADrive Has Many Tools

It has search engine, counter free disk space, directory system, public folder (from which we can share our files), file history, and specialized tools that you can download separately which can help you accomplish any task. 

Features of ADrive

ADrive is another full service in the cloud, with online collaboration, FTP access, increased security, online document editing, public records expire and many other good options. Here are some of the main features of ADrive:

  • Applications available: Android and iOS are available for free accounts, and a cross-platform Adobe Air is available only for premium accounts.
  • Other plans: there are many plans for personal use and for companies starting at $2.50 per month for 100GB of storage space.
  • You can easily share files with friends or family
  • You can customize file permissions
  • Select individual files to upload in the cloud
  • All of your files are 100% protected
  • File Search
  • Share public files
  • Download files from the website directly (remote access to a URL)

ADrive Provides the Best Data Encryption

One of the main benefits of using ADrive is that it provides excellent data encryption which is nice because it allows you to rest easy knowing that all of your files are secure in ADrive’s servers and that no one can get to them.

Transfer Encryption

ADrive also provides encryption for files that are being transferred to their servers. This is nice because a lot of file storage services do not provide this feature. This ensures that your information is protected from start to finish.

Personal Encryption Key

ADrive also allows you to choose a personal encryption key if you want to do so. This is a good option for those that are extremely mindful about privacy because this ensures that even ADrive can not access your information. Although, if you lose the key, then you won’t be able to access the information.

Understanding Different ADrive Plans

The use of ADrive is simple: if you have a free account, you must manage your files from the web, but if you have one of their payment options, you will have a desktop client with which to manage all your files without having to open the browser.

Getting Used to ADrive

When using ADrive it is important to keep in mind that this service has many different features so it can be hard to learn at first, especially if you are coming from another online storage platform. But once you get the hang of it, ADrive is extremely easy to use and provides many benefits.

ADrive Online Storage

ADrive Online Storage


10.0 /10

Ease of Use

8.0 /10


7.0 /10


  • Enormous Storage Capacities up to 20TB
  • File Management over FTP
  • Online Colaboration


  • No Free Storage Option