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Learn How to Use Backblaze Online Storage to Securely Backup Your Files to the Cloud

BackBlaze is an American company that provides online backup and storage in the cloud and for your company or for personal use. If offers especially interesting features and ease of use, it is establishing itself as one of the most successful online backups that exist.

BackBlaze may not be as “good” as other companies in some areas, but what it does it does do very well is provide a set of tools that is more than enough to meet the expectations of the average user. In this article we will discuss what BackBlaze is and the benefits of it.

Unlimited Storage

The thing that stands out above all is the unlimited storage, unlimited file size or type; combined with the incremental backup that backs up only the changes that are made without having to back up all the files every time.

How to Restore Your Data

When you restore data, you will have several options, you can either: enter your website and afterward, download your files in a .ZIP document or you can also restore them from your desktop application on Windows or Mac.

Have Access to Past File Versions

It gives us the option to control the versions of each file for up for 30 days. So if the file is modified, you overwrite or delete any documents you can always have access to it. It also allows backup external hard drives and USB’s.

Using the Intelligent Bandwidth Setting

One of the main highlights of this program is its intelligent bandwidth manager, which has a highly developed reading mode and can make good use of our bandwidth. This is to make sure that your internet is not slowed down too much and that you will be able to easily upload your files.

Locate Your Device

A very interesting tool that BackBlaze gives us is the ability to locate devices. Imagine if your laptop is stolen or lost, using this function from Backblaze could give you a fairly exact location of your device. In addition you could restore all your files on another computer as well.

BackBlaze Has Many Features

You can also synchronize and backup from more advanced mobile phones, or make backup copies of emails. However its product policy is that “simplicity is key”. After the initial backup the program works well in the background, and barely ever asks you to do anything.

Using the BackBlaze Basic Plan

The Basic Plan applies to a single computer and starts from $5 per month. If you hire it for longer prices can get up to $3.95 a month. If you want to find out more information about BackBlaze prices, you can use their website to view all of their plans.

BackBlaze Offers Great Security

BackBlaze provides 256-bit encryption during file transfer and AES 128 bit storage encryption on their server. There is also the possibility of using an encryption key chosen by yourself, with the responsibility that entails losing it, or forgetting it, and if you do, then you will lose all of your information.

BackBlaze Has Multiple Data Centers

BackBlaze also has plenty of servers to prevent possible fails of electricity or forces of nature that impede access to our files, however, they only have two data centers, one in Oakland and one just outside Sacramento, US. Although two is certainly enough.

Access From Mobile Devices

Applications are available for iOS and Android. Since they have access to all files from your backup. You can download them and share them with no problem. There are no applications for Blackberry or Windows Phone unfortunately, although there may be in the future.

Value For Money

Overall the value is positive considering everything BackBlaze allows us to do. If you compare BackBlaze to other storage providers, no other providers give the same amount of features as BackBlaze for the same price.

Blackblaze Online Storage

Blackblaze Online Storage


8.0 /10

Ease of Use

6.0 /10


5.0 /10


  • Cheap Premium Plans
  • Great Security


  • No Free Storage Option