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Learn How to Use Carbonite Online Storage to Securely Backup Your Files to the Cloud

Carbonite Online Backup has been offering quality cloud storage since 2005 and today is one of the most established global suppliers, it has received several awards for its services and enjoys a good reputation. Let’s see what features it has to offer.

The first thing that jumps out at us is that Carbonite offers unlimited storage capacity: the cloud can support all the files you want, without limit. Nor is there a set limit on the size of the files to be uploaded to the cloud, while it is true that the first time you do your backup, Carbonite will not accept files larger than 4 gigabytes automatically.

Why Is There a Limit On the Initial Backup?

This is done to speed up the process since the initial backup can take many hours or even days depending on the amount of data that you have on your hard drive. Files larger than 4 gigabytes can be uploaded manually once the initial copy is complete.

Carbonite Is Flexible

Carbonite also offers flexibility to suit your needs: you can store data in the cloud, data in real time or you can schedule uploads to be at the time you prefer, a specific or time when the system is not in use in order to save bandwidth.

Carbonite Offers High Security

Safety is a key in the cloud storage and online backup factor. In this case Carbonite is my favorite because security is taken seriously. The first good thing is that it offers storage technology for 15 different servers in different geographic areas to be safe from potential problems such as power outages, storms, earthquakes, etc. And we can always have access to our files.

Next Generation Encryption

It is very important to note also that Carbonite offers next-generation encryption – AES 256-bit SSL not only in the upload and download files, but also on the server where our things are stored. This guarantees your privacy.

Using Your Own Encryption Key

But if security and privacy are absolutely vital for you,Carbonite offers the possibility that only you can arrange your own encryption key. This option is great because it allows you to have no fear when storing any important document.

Using Carbonite On Mobile Devices

Carbonite has applications for Android and iOS phones. Therefore it is compatible with iPod, iPhone, Apple iPad and all Android-based smartphones, as well as Blackberry. This allows you to access your files no matter where you are or what device you are using.

Carbonite Customer Support

Carbonite offers a FAQ section, Video Tutorials, Guides and Databases. It also offers support by email, chat and even by phone. Carbonite also has people who clearly speak English as well, this is nice because it allows us to resolve any problem as quickly and as clearly as possible.

Carbonite Is Easy to Use

The application interface is very friendly, pleasant and not very intrusive. Since you also have direct access to all information for help and support if necessary. The installation is also very simple and it only takes a few steps.

Carbonite’s Value

The value of the service Carbonite offers is very good. For example the most basic plan – The Personal Plan – gives us the full range of professional features for 5 dollars a month. The limitation here is that the support is for computer synchronization only and access from mobile devices.

Save Money With Carbonite

If you have experience with a free cloud storage service, it is possible that this will seem expensive, but it is cheap among Backup online services for professionals, and you save even more if we consider the privacy and security that we enjoy.




8.0 /10

Ease of Use

9.0 /10


9.5 /10


  • Flexible Features
  • Dedicated Encryption


  • Limit Mobile Functionality