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Learn How to Use CrashPlan Online Storage to Securely Backup Your Files to the Cloud

How many of us have not lost, or ruined by mistake, valuable information on our hard drives, and we are left with all of our information gone and there is no way of retrieving it.

There are enough reasons to have a backup, and while there is always the option to buy another hard drive, the current world of “Cloud Computing” offers us a unique opportunity that previously we could not imagine: online backup of your hard drive.

Online Backup Has Many Features

It is a simple concept: send files for backup to a server via the Internet. But we can always be surprised by how many features, capabilities, and variations on this theme have emerged. In this article we will discuss some of those features.

CrashPlan Provides Quality Online Storage

Based in Minneapolis, United States, CrashPlan appears innovate in this field backup files in the cloud, have a social element with your backup, allowing you to configure the computers of friends as storage sites, add copies for continuous backups, multiple sets of backups, file encryption, and local backup. Of all the services that exist to support files, CrashPlan is one of the best.

Setting Up CrashPlan

After downloading the 31 MB client, you have to agree to the user license agreement, and choose an installation folder, the application starts with the creation of the account. The whole process is register and create, so you will have to register after installing the program. CrashPlan indicates the strength of the password and suggests modifications if it notices a weakness.

CrashPlan Is Well Designed

CrashPlan is well designed, it has an intuitive panel, welcome message, and does well at explaining your 30-day free trial, there is a button to start the Backup, and of course the destination options. The bar on the left shows the vertical tabs to backup, settings, history, friends and destinations.

The Three CrashPlan Options

As with all programs for online backup, CrashPlan adds an icon in the system tray, which offers three options: Show application, wait and exit. It is true that the application is quite intuitive, but the only form of help is the frequently asked questions on the site.

Customized Backup Options

CrashPlan shortlists backup folders for more obvious security, including all the “My” folders, documents, pictures, etc. And folders with checkboxes, and you can specify up to that level of access for individual files. You can also select external hard drives.

Calculate the Size of Your Backup

As soon as I clicked on Save in the popup window, the service starts to calculate the size of your backup. The installed client also lets you exclude file types. This is nice because some files may be large and they may take lots of space.

Choose a Backup Destination 

The fun part (which is also what separates CrashPlan from their competitors) comes to choosing a destination for the backup files. In the section “Destinations”, you can choose the central CrashPlan online storage, a friend, another computer, or a folder on your existing computer.

Using a Friend’s Computer as a Backup

When you invite a friend, it allows you to back up your PC via email or the CrashPlan website, and when you do this, you can return the favor by offering your disk as a backup destination for your friend as well.

File Encryption

The files are encrypted on the buddy system, so you will not be able to read them, but you can enter your password to restore your system. You may also be the backup host for someone, which luckily, you can set a storage limit and time off for the backup, and choose the location of the backup folder for your friend.

CrashPlan Online Backup

CrashPlan Online Backup


9.0 /10

Ease of Use

8.0 /10


7.0 /10


  • Individual File Encryption
  • Customization on Backups
  • Easy Restoration of Files after Crash


  • May Not be Ideal for Business Use