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Learn How to Use EMC MozyHome Online Storage to Securely Backup Your Files to the Cloud

Normal users and small and medium enterprises can have a backup of their data thanks to EMC MozyHome, one of the world’s leading online storage systems and provides backup for all devices.

Mozy offers free 2GB space but has a 50GB option where you only pay $5.99 per month. Compared to other services, Mozy offers a pretty decent price. Meanwhile, 2GB is quite enough for a normal user.This service allows you to store hundreds of photos or audio files and thousands of emails.

Mozy Security Options

The security level is the same as other similar services. Mozy has an SSL connection and it also includes the encryption of your files. Mozy also provides support for open files and those that are blocked, such as Microsoft Outlook PST files.

Retrieving File Versions

As for the older versions of your files, you can recover anything from the last 30 days. Other services do this too but only for 12 months back and only the last 30 versions of the file. You can schedule backups daily or on a weekly basis, check the bandwidth setting and, if you prefer, even order a backup DVD rather than restore everything from your virtual drive via the web.

Setting Automatic Backups

Mozy works very well and adapts to 99.99% of the needs of most users. One option I like is the ability to schedule backups to start after five minutes of inactivity on my computer. Back ups with Mozy will not immobilize all system resources but I must admit it does affect the restoration process. Windows and Mac are compatible with Mozy but not Linux or iPhone.

Share & Edit Files Online

If you do not want to only make backup copies but also share photos and other files with friends using access permissions, you can do so with Mozy. Mozy Home works quite well and has an easy to understand interface, especially Mozy 2.0 for Windows. It is much faster than the previous versions and allows a backup locally on an external drive, while it does so online as well.

Using the Active Directory Software

The new integration with the Active Directory software reduces the administrative burden of creating separate user accounts and improves self-management. This aspect can significantly lower total cost of ownership (TCO). Thus, you can create and organize the user groups with speed, simplicity and efficiency.

Simplified Management

Simplified management presents new storage groups, which means less time spent controlling storage quotas. Without key activation, this accelerates the process of provisioning new users; as a result, greater expandability is generated.

Mozy Provides a Complete Solution

Mozy provides businesses and end users the ability to plan the best service backup and recovery of data, in order to meet their personal needs. Mozy is a complete solution that offers simple cloud backup, and automatic and secure updates for desktops, laptops and servers.

Using the Free Trial

Mozy provides a free trial period which is nice because it allows you to easily store your files online without worrying if they are secure or not. The trial period allows you to store up to 2 GB in the cloud. This allows you to decide whether or not you want to continue the service.

Downloading the Mozy Application

All you need is to create an account on the Mozy website and download the client application. With it you can select the files you want to back up with Mozy Remote Backup also automate the process by scheduling copies from time to time or in the background when you do not use the computer.

Mozy Provides High Quality Data Encryption

All user data is encrypted locally with military-grade encryption prior to transfer via a secure SSL connection. Users can choose a managed encryption key or choose a personal key for added security. Data is stored in data centers prior art employing the highest safety standards and are SAS70 or ISO certified.

Retrieving Lost Data

After the initial backup, Mozy only backs up new or modified files. This saves bandwidth and ensures future backups are lightning fast. Users can restore data through the Mozy client software, through the web, or order a DVD restoration. Windows users can also restore data by using the Mozy Virtual Drive.

Compatibility & Price

MozyHome supports Windows 7, 8, Vista and XP (32 and 64 bit) and Mac OS X 10.8, 10.7, 10.6, 10.5, and 10.4. MozyHome solutions range from $5.99 per month for a computer. For detailed information about plans and pricing you can use the Mozy website.

EMC MozyHome

EMC MozyHome


7.0 /10

Ease of Use

5.0 /10


6.0 /10


  • Free Trial Period
  • Secure Backup


  • Limited Mobile Device Functionality