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Learn How to Use iCloud Online Backup to Securely Backup Your Files to the Cloud

The first thing you need to do to start using iCloud is to have all your devices up to date. iTunes has to have the latest updates and iOS as well. In this article we will discuss how you can easily configure iCloud.


iCloud is very useful because it allows you to backup all of your data online with Apple. This is nice because if anything were to happen to your physical device, it is still stored in the cloud for retrieval at a later time. Here are the steps to use iCloud:

  • Download the latest version of iTunes
  • Open Software Update, this will automatically search for new updates, if there are any, you must install them
  • For your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad connect your device to your computer, launch iTunes and slecect “Search for Update”
  • Once all your current equipment is updated, you can start the configuration.

Creating an iCloud Account

To use iCloud, you must have a MobileMe account or use your Apple ID, the same with which we buy things in the App Store or iTunes Store with. If we are users of MobileMe, Apple has made available a website with which we can transfer information from our MobileMe account to iCloud.

Transferring Your Account

Keep in mind that if you have a MobileMe account (and you go over to iCloud) and your Apple ID Apple is different, and you use it to configure with iCloud you will have two different iCloud accounts. Therefore, you can not use both accounts.

Configuring iCloud

Configuring iCloud in iOS is really simple. All you have to do is follow the on screen instructions. In order to start the process go to Settings -> iCloud and enter your data for its implementation. Enter the Apple ID with which you are making purchases in the App Store or your MobileMe account you have moved to iCloud.

Setting Up iCloud on iTunes

This procedure is also very simple. Once updated to the latest iTunes version, you only have to go to System Preferences Panel -> iCloud. Enter your iCloud account and then request the password you made for some modifications.

Restoring Your Data With iCloud

Besides iCloud synchronization, there is really an interesting added value: it allows us to restore our device in case of disaster. This allows us to activate our iPhone, enter our iCloud account information and if you have activated the option, restore all your data. Here are the iCloud prices:

  • 10GB for $16 per year
  • 20GB for $32 per year
  • 50GB for $80 per year

Your Information Is Secure With iCloud

iCloud is a nice service because it allows your data to be 100% secure and you do not have to worry if anything will be lost. Your files are all encrypted so no one can see your information either, which is nice if you are concerned about privacy.

Benefits of iCloud

There are many benefits of using iCloud. This service is engineered by Apple, so you can be sure that it will provide the best service possible for whenever you need to backup your phone. It is also nice because it allows you to easily retrieve any lost information as well. Here are some benefits of this service:

  • The basic iCloud service is free
  • You have options to have more space if you want
  • iCloud is extremely reliable and you can backup anytime
  • iCloud is very easy to use
  • iCloud comes preinstalled on all Apple devices

Apple iCloud Storage

Apple iCloud Storage


9.0 /10

Ease of Use

10.0 /10


9.5 /10


  • Streamlined Backup for Apple Devices
  • Free
  • Easy to Use


  • No Collaboration Features