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Learn How to Use Jottacloud Online Backup to Securely Backup Your Files to the Cloud

Synchronization is a concept that is not new, but it brings much comfort to us – knowing that everything is under control, and that we will not lose anything in any case because our files are backed up.

Jottacloud allows us to synchronize most things from our Android or computer into the cloud. Currently we can sync music, videos, photos, contacts and messages. In this article we will discuss what Jottacloud is in detail.

Jottacloud Is Extremely Simple

The operation is extremely simple.We only have to create an account and press AutoSync, we can then choose what we want to synchronize and begin the process. These files can be viewed from the browser, and can be restored to your device at any time. If for whatever reason we lose our mobile device, we can restore everything we had very easily in our new phone or tablet.

The Jottacloud Interface 

The interface is simply excellent, and it is a very clear operation. This company is also based in Norway, and it’s servers are there. Jottacloud is definitely a highly reliable option if you are trying to find a service to store your files in the cloud easily with.

Jottacloud Pricing Plans

Jottacloud currently has 3 pricing plans which are quite good. On the one hand we have a free, no limit for storage devices plan. Which offers 5GB, but when I registered, I received an email telling me that I received another 10, so you really start with 15 GB for free, which isn’t bad.

Jottacloud Paid Versions

As a second option, there are paid versions which increase space, with unlimited devices. And finally, we also have the option to have unlimited storage, only paying for each different device we use. This is a not so common model that I find quite attractive.

Various Payment Options Available

Jottacloud allows a free storage capacity of 5GB and gradually increases the space. Payment rates can be for storage space regardless of the number of devices, or you can pay based on the number of devices you use and receive unlimited data.

Store Anything You Want

Automatically sync contacts, photos, videos, music and text messages with just one finger; store all these files and access them from any device. Jottacloud is nice because it allows you to easily access your files no matter where you are.

Logging In With Jottacloud

As with any online service, Jottacloud requires that you log for in the first time in the application with your account. First-time users have the option to sign up for a new account from within the app for free.

Earning Free Space

Once registered, you will receive a confirmation email service adding a bonus of 10GB of cloud storage. Here’s some more good news: if you spread the word to your friends and family, the better your chances will be of having more space!

Jottacloud Automatically Adds Files

Once you have selected your preferred categories of file upgrades, the application starts automatically pushing content to the cloud. From the main application interface, you get to see the different devices connected to the service.

Using the Integrated Image Viewer

The application also supports an integrated image viewer which allows you to download files from the cloud directly to your device, and allows you to share public links to any file with your colleagues / friends. The Restore feature automatically detects all mobile devices connected to the service, and allows you to restore the selected content required in just a few taps.

Using the Jottacloud Desktop Client

As with the Jottacloud desktop client, the mobile application allows the assignment of local storage for caching files. It also comes with individual tabs to access your shared files, archived and deleted, with the option to restore accidentally deleted files.

Jottacloud Online Storage

Jottacloud Online Storage


8.0 /10

Ease of Use

9.5 /10


7.5 /10


  • Simple To Use
  • Automatic File Add
  • Desktop Integration


  • Limited Free Storage Space