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Learn How to Use Jungle Disk Online Backup to Securely Backup Your Files to the Cloud

It is becoming more necessary to have our data stored in a safe place, as these files can be essential to our business. So it is important to store these things in a safe online environment.

One of the main benefits of this program is that you get to save on payments, and your information is in a safe, fireproof environment and you can rest assured knowing that your information cannot be hacked.

What Is Jungle Disk?

Thanks to online storage, we can simply and conveniently work without leaving our workplace or home. One of the main promoters of this idea (although in the market there are many) is the Simple Storage Service Amazon service, and this is where Jungle Disk comes into play, it’s task is to be an interface between the user and the Amazon storage service.

Many Jungle Disk Editions Available

The Jungle Disk system has different editions addressing the use we want to give it the editions inlcude: Jungle Disk Desktop Edition, Workgroup Edition and Home Server Edition (beta). On the Jungle Disc website you will find a summary of the main features of each.

Downloading Jungle Disk

From the website www.jungledisk.com, you can select the version of Jungle Disk appropriate for your operating system by clicking on the Download tab of the desired edition. A 30-day trial with all the features of the Desktop iteration is supported.

Create an Account

After downloading the software, we can start the registration process with Amazon Jungle Disk. The Jungle Disk Registration is simple, you have to indicate data such as an e-mail, password, user name, country and postal code.

Upgrade to Jungle Disc Plus

The registration process gives us the ability to upgrade the system to Jungle Disk Plus, a later edition that allows, among other things, to perform the tasks of processing information from a web browser or receive reports via email and RSS.

Provide Payment Information

For the account registration with this service, we need to provide confidential information in order to make payments at the end of the month. For example, we will indicate the number of our credit card and other information as well. Upon completion of the registration, a summary window will indicate that the authorization for payment has been made effective.

How to Use Jungle Disk

This software allows us to work in various ways, either as a disk drive or you are using the configurator that comes installed with the software. In both cases, you must set the parameters in the wizard to start the application: Internet (proxy, ports, etc.), Amazon information (previously configured), account information and user data from the JungleDisk service.

Configuring Jungle Disk

To select the operating mode, we must choose the option that we are most interested in, in the wizard for the Jungle Disk Configuration. In addition, we can create different spaces, called folders to store our information. After setting all this, we can begin to restore files to your disk, and perform or schedule backups.

Why Chose Jungle Disk?

Jungle Disk is the perfect option if you are trying to store information online in a safe enviroment. It is also nice too because it allows you to easily share any files or content that you may have with others online.

Jungle Disk

Jungle Disk


9.7 /10

Ease of Use

10.0 /10


9.0 /10


  • Robust Encrypted Security
  • Native Windows/Mac Integration
  • Fast


  • No Free Storage Option
  • Not Always for Personal Use