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Learn How to Use Livedrive Online Storage to Securely Backup Your Files to the Cloud

LiveDrive is a new online service hard drive that has recently appeared, and that at the moment allows us to store an unlimited amount of documents free of charge. LiveDrive has a desktop application for Windows that adds one more unit to the system, allowing installation on different computers.

It’s a fairly simple operation because it allows us to structure our free space through directories and subdirectories, starting from the root directory, and introduce our documents and files into the cloud.

What Is LiveDrive?

Storage servers and data centers have improved in addressing a growing demand for storage features and software-based data. Among the different service providers you can choose from, Livedrive seems to be one of the best options. Livedrive is not only one of the best companies for data backup in the cloud, but it is also one of the cheapest.

Sharing Your Files

These files be shared privately with specific users by entering their email addresses, or we can share them publicly and make it accessible through a URL in Livedrive. This is nice because it allows you to share your files with anyone.

Using Plugins With LiveDrive

The most interesting part of this virtual hard drive, is that it allows us, through a series of plugins, to manage the contents of our documents and files. Today we have plugins such as Zoho, to edit our documents; FotoFlexer, for editing our images; and Scribd for viewing our documents.

LiveDrive Features

Livedrive features are innumerable and are of great value to business customers looking for the best deals in your storage space. LiveDrive storage space gives you the ability to store and access files and multimedia content such as photos and documents as well as music and video in real time.

LiveDrive Is Integrated With Facebook

This program is integrated with Facebook and a personal web portal from Livedrive for any new updates. The software program can be downloaded as an app from the iPad and iPhone as well. This is nice because it allows you to use the program on any device.

Unlimited Backup Space

Overall, the services offered by LiveDrive are definitely practical when it comes to uploading and accessing your business data. One of the strongest points is undoubtedly the unlimited backup space that is offered from its most basic plan.

LiveDrive’s Stability

However, if you have questions regarding the system’s restore stability, security and overall stability of this service provider in the online cloud, then read on as we try to cover some of its essential features and how they can help you.

How Much Is LiveDrive?

LiveDrive has one of the biggest advantages if we consider the quality vs. the price. LiveDrive does not only provide space to store data with its most basic plan ($6 per month), but also offers completely free service for a trial period of 30 days.

LiveDrive Offers Plenty of Other Features

With the concept of having an unlimited storage space for a price that you pay monthly, and exclusive features that accompany it, Livedrive is definitely an online backup service provider that is worth considering.

Recieving Your Personalized URL

LiveDrive has a personalized web portal that is then offered to open an account with the company, you can choose your own URL that will give you direct entry to your saved files and uploaded, making the process more convenient and time-saving.

Security Offered From LiveDrive

Security is one of many contributing factors when it comes to backup storage services. With LiveDrive, you have complete security that your personal file will not be leaked or hacked by unauthorized individuals. With Livedrive, this is not a problem thanks to their monitoring systems and permanent database that is provided by competent technicians.

Getting the Best Bang For Your Buck

As I mentioned above, the storage space that LiveDrive allows is unlimited. Considering the competitive prices per month, either the basic or premium plan, you will definitely get the best bang for your buck with Livedrive.

LiveDrive Is Easy to Use

The Livedrive desktop software is easy and very simple to use. You can upload or download files directly from the computer. The drag and drop feature makes it much easier as all you have to do is drag and drop files to upload on the web interface which is armed with a powerful Java script and serves as an folder for your files.

LiveDrive Customer Service

As for the Livedrive customer service, the company is able to answer all email reports in less than a day and provides its customer service 7 days a week via email. All issues and questions are answered and given the same priority to ensure that you will not have to wait more than a day to find the solution.

LiveDrive Online Backup

LiveDrive Online Backup


10.0 /10

Ease of Use

8.0 /10


7.0 /10


  • Unlimited Storage Option
  • Affordable
  • Multi-Computer Backup


  • No Collaboration Features