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Learn How to Use Memopal Online Backup to Securely Backup Your Files to the Cloud

Memopal is an interesting service for online backup and online file storage, it is accessible via the Internet from any computer and iPhone. You can save any file on your personal space and have it always available.

It has recently added a new feature called “Memopal Cloud Search” which allows you to search your files with the a high speed search engine. In this sense, the service allows you to easily find any file you are looking for as fast as possible.

Memopal Is an Interesting Alternative

Memopal is presented as an interesting alternative to maintain an online backup for everything that is in our computer: documents, pictures, music, etc. Files are stored in real time on remote servers and are accessible from anywhere. It can be used on both Windows, Mac and Linux.

Memopal Manages Your Backups

When you download the Memopal application, you can manage all of your backups. Once the folders you want to keep a copy of, are selected process is automatic, the application starts every time we turn on the computer and each time you create or modify a file it is updated instantly.

Access Your Data From Anywhere

To access our files we can do it from anywhere with an Internet connection and access to our data. Either from the web version, which incorporates a search engine or from the installed version on the computer, and create a folder called “My Memopal”, which allows us to manage files as if they were any other folder for an application.

Sending Files Via Email

Besides the way we just mentioned, Memopal also allows us to share a particular file with another person, sending them an e-mail with a link from which to download the file, which can get up to 1GB. This is nice because you can be sure your data is secure this way.

How Much Is Memopal?

The price for personal users is 49 dollars per year, which gives us access to 150 GBs of storage without any restriction on file size. There is also a trial version available for 7 days with 1 GB storage capacity and a 50 MB limit per file.

Benefits of Memopal

Memopal is definitely a good service if you are trying to find a reliable online storage provider which can give you privacy and security – the two most important things when it comes to cloud storage. Here are some of the benefits of this service:

  • There is a free trial period which allows you to test the service
  • You can upgrade your plan if you need more space
  • All of your files are protected using military-grade encryption
  • Your files are not only encrypted during the file transfer stage but during storage as well
  • There are easy sharing options
  • You can customize permissions on what people can do when you share files with them
  • You can set a destination folder which allows you to easily backup your computer automatically
  • The program itself is extremely simple.

Is Memopal Safe?

Memopal is one of the safest options available for online storage today. This is because this service encrypts all your data so that no hackers can get to it, there are also multiple servers so in case something happens to one, you can still retrieve your data.

Use Memopal With Any Device

One of the main things that I like about Memopal is that you can easily use this service with any device, which is nice because this allows us to easily retrieve our data no matter what we are using. This also allows for better sharing options as well.

Downloading the Memopal App

There is also a Memopal app which can be very helpful for anyone that uses their mobile devices frequently. This app is available for Android and iOS, and it is definitely something that can help you to retrieve your files easily.

MemoPal Online Backup

MemoPal Online Backup


8.5 /10

Ease of Use

8.0 /10


7.0 /10


  • Robust Military Grade Security
  • Linux Support
  • Email File Management


  • Limited Paid Options
  • No Free Storage Option