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Learn How to Use OpenDrive Online Storage to Securely Backup Your Files to the Cloud

Store, backup and sync across multiple users and computers. OpenDrive for Windows directly links to the cloud by creating a virtual drive on your computer.

If you are tired of the classic file storage services online, today we present one of the best alternatives to host your content on – the OpenDrive network. OpenDrive.com is a platform that offers both free and enterprise solutions to store content online.

What Is OpenDrive?

OpenDrive is a web service that already has been around a few years but only now is beginning to be known thanks to the new features for storage space in the cloud that brings some interesting changes. This program is definitely a good option if you need to store files online.

Features of OpenDrive

You can open, edit and save files as a traditional unit, but you can also share the file with anyone via a URL link to the file. OpenDrive also creates the “Secure Files” folder where uploaded files are encrypted with strong AES-256 on-the-fly encryption. Here are some features of this program:

  • Synchronization and backup when the computer is idle
  • E-mail notifications for backups / synchronization completion
  • Search for files and folders in subfolders
  • Reserve special bakcup times.
  • Improvements in browsing speed
  • UI task manager helps you use the program efficiently
  • New record for each task
  • Files and folders are deleted faster

Access Files Away From Your Computer

There are many options for users who want to access files when they are away from their computer. OpenDrive provides a considerable amount of storage space for free, and has the features expected in any storage program.

Many Storage Options

Available as a free version with a 5 GB storage limit, OpenDrive also comes with monthly paid options for personal and business use with extra storage space, including unlimited use. The native installation program places it directly in the Applications folder, but requires the acceptance of a user agreement.

Creating an OpenDrive Account

There is very little to no interaction with the program. With the exception of a small icon on the top menu next to the wireless indicator. After the user selects it, the program asks the user to create an account, which in turn leads to a set of folders.

How to Backup Your Files

Users can drag and drop documents, movies, music and other files in these folders. Clicking on the synchronization option from the dropdown menu, the program will load these into the cloud. In turn your data will be backed up and secure.

Using the Cloud Menu

The Cloud menu is very intuitive and easy to figure out without instructions. This same menu also allows updates for personal and business options with more storage capacity and additional options. You can also easily retrieve old files.

Expanding Your Storage

While the free option has limited storage space for important files, the ability to extend the cloud space makes OpenDrive a good choice for those that have a lot of files and data that they want to store. This program is nice because it guarantees your information will be safe.

Easily Share Files

Keep your most important files backed up with OpenDrive for access anywhere, anytime, from any Internet connection. Share your memories with family and friends, or stay in sync with customers and colleagues. OpenDrive integrates seamlessly and gives you instant access to the cloud to share, backup and store your files online.

Cutting Edge Security

For users who have premium and for those that don’t. All uploaded files are encrypted with a strong AES-256 encryption on the fly. This encryption key never leaves your computer and files are encrypted before they are sent to the OpenDrive servers.

File Editing Collaboration

Among OpenDrive’s main features we can mention the classical scheme of the cloud that lets you synchronize files and folders for all user devices, you can also share files and create folders for collaboration in which you allow other users to add or edit content.

Using OpenDrive For Free

With its free service, OpenDrive offers up to 5 GBs of storage with limited 1 GB traffic per day and maximum speeds of 200 KB / s. Even with these limitations, OpenDrive is a very promising solution the paid versions also turn out to be profitable and safe for those looking to make backups of their files in the cloud.

Free Hotlinking

Another advantage of OpenDrive that has to do with those that own their own website is the ability to make hotlinks for files like javascript or css for free, all you have to do is place a small ad on your site for this to be enabled.




9.0 /10

Ease of Use

8.0 /10


8.5 /10


  • Simple To Use
  • Secure Backup
  • Valuable Free Plan


  • Stonger Focus on Desktop Integration
  • Limited Mobile Device Functionality