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Learn How to Use SOS Online Backup to Securely Backup Your Files to the Cloud

SOS Online Backup is a data storage service online sponsored by Infrascale. Infrascale is one of the giants of cloud computing worldwide providing quality and performance with all of their products. The reason why SOS is in our top 10 list is because, in addition to the benefits of being backed by Infrascale, it is fairly inexpensive and accessible to everyone.

In this article we will discuss the features of this program. One of the best features of SOS Online Backup, in addition to using the platform and servers from Infrascale is its infinite data backup plan. The SOS infinity plan means that in addition to providing unlimited space for backup files, it also offers “no expiration” of the data, so if you accidentally delete a file, it will always be available.

SOS Supports Many Devices: Another benefit of using SOS is that it supports many different file types and you can have an unlimited number of phones and tablets backed up, and your computer can be either Windows or Mac OS.

Use the Free Trial Period: For its features and technology support (with Infrascale), we can recommend SOS Online Backup without any doubt. However, since the control panel is a bit more sophisticated than the other vendors we recommend, using the 3-month free trial offer. When purchasing an SOS service, it is always much cheaper, to buy a short plan than an extensive one.

SOS Online Backup Value: How much does SOS Online Backup cost? Normally, SOS offers an infinite basic plan for $ 7.99 a month. However, if you take advantage of their current deal, you will get a discounted price from $ 44 a year and an additional special deal of only $3.31 per month with an infinite 3-year plan.

How Does SOS Online Backup Work? SOS provides an online space which supports an unlimited and infinite amount of data to all its users with the best technology available. This service is also nice too because it allows you to easily access your data whenever you want to.

Your Data Is Secure With SOS: Like most of the services in our top 10, data security is the No. 1 priority of SOS Online Backup. Its platform data storage online uses the best security practices, and transfer files to the cloud using SSL 3.3, where these files are stored in encrypted 256-bit AES formats – which is a protocol used to protect online transactions from financial institutions.

Data Is Secure During Transfer: During data transfer, each data bit is verified. For additional security, you can password protect the folders that are shared with others in case they contain confidential information. This will give you optimal security so you can rest assured knowing your data is safe.

Using the SOS Basic Plan: SOS Online Backup offers a basic plan with space and unlimited storage capacity and infinite data from $3.31 per month. As if that were not enough, it offers this free unlimited space for 3 months for their users to become familiar with the platform.

SOS Is Easy to Use: Like all providers recommended on this website, SOS Online Backup is also very simple to use – although it is not as simple as some others are. All in all, this service is definitely a reliable option if you want to easily store data in the cloud without wondering if it is safe or not.

SOS Offers Unparalleled Customer Support: The customer service from SOS Online Backup provides an easy to use platform which can help solve any problems on any computer or device. They also offer telephone support from an international number (toll free).

SOS Online Backup

SOS Online Backup


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  • Secure Data Transfer
  • Easy to Use
  • Encrypted Storage


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