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Learn How to Use Symform Online Backup to Securely Backup Your Files to the Cloud

Symform, offers 200GB of free cloud space but with a big “but” in its formulation. In exchange for free space in the cloud, you have to allow other users to use your computer as a backup and you have to do the same with others.

What the company aims to do, is to save costs and simultaneously deliver a greater amount of GB per user through a content distribution system in the same hard drives of users. That is, to have free space in the cloud, you’ll need to store on your hard drive information from other users, while your uploaded information to Symform will have the same fate.

Invite People to Join Symform

Symform is one of the most remarkable online storage options in the aspect that free accounts start with 10 GB of space to accommodate all types of files. But it does not stop there, because you can significantly increase your free storage space for up to 200 GB. For this we only invite have to our friends to join Symform.

How Does Symform Work?

This sure can make you concerned about the security of your files, but Symform offers balms of tranquility to say that the information is obviously encrypted and there is no way that the host user can access it because, it is not completely on the hard drive, but it disintegrates into thousands of parts and is distributed into thousands of hard drives that makes up the network of Symform.

Choosing If Symform Is Right For You

There is a level accessibility and risks, although it is definitely safer to have all the full information on a hard drive in an online storage company offering the service. So if privacy is your main objective, then Symform may not be the best option for you.

Access Your Information

This shared hard disk space is the main differentiating factor of the service, because on one hand, you are giving up your personal storage space, but on the contrary, you are gaining cloud storage, so your data will be safer and accessible remotely.

Downloading the Symform Client

To start, you need to download the Windows client from the website of Symform. There is no registration on the website and once you’ve downloaded the client, the first screen will ask you to sign up for the service using your email address. An activation code will be sent to the specified email address, which is required to proceed with the rest of the installation.

Using the Configuration Panel

Note that in the configuration panel, there are a number of tabs on the left side, most of which will be gray in this stage. As you progress with your device settings, these adjustments will begin to be available and will allow you to handle issues such as device type, local folders that sync, environment, bandwidth allocation, synthesis, etc.

Prices For Symform

Companies, or individuals, who require greater storage capacity can choose to hire a subscription where space is unlimited. These professional solutions are available from 10 to 50 dollars a month, depending on the method chosen.

Storing Your Local Files In the Cloud

With Symform we can keep our local files and folders synchronized with the cloud, which offers applications for Windows or Mac. Maybe it’s weakness is at least for the moment, there is a lack of solutions for Linux and the most popular mobile platforms. Although only time will tell.

Symform Is a Unique Option For Cloud Storage

Symform, is a very strong competitor in the highly saturated solutions in the cloud storage market. The service offers something unique in terms of free storage space, their payment plans are quite cheap and unmatched; while data is protected using the elastic storage architecture.




10.0 /10

Ease of Use

8.5 /10


7.5 /10


  • Generous Storage Capacities
  • Local Hard Drive Integration


  • Activation Process Needs Improvement