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Learn How to Use Zoolz Online Storage to Securely Backup Your Files to the Cloud

Zoolz is a tool that provides 10GB of storage completely free. In this article, we will discuss the various benefits of using Zoolz, and how you can use this online storage platform.

With Zoolz, you have the opportunity to obtain up to 20GB of storage for free, that is if you invite your friends and family to register, this method is quite common in other services, so you can gain more storage space, which will allow you to save many songs and videos.

Stream Songs & Video Using Zoolz

One of the advantages and features of Zoolz is that it allows the streaming of your songs, once you have loaded your audio files, you can play them on your smartphone or our tablet. In addition, this service offers payment plans that are quite good relatively, such as the first 60 GB for $7 a month if you pay annually.

Zoolz Provides Free Storage

Zoolz is nice because it allows you to keep files in the cloud for free. Backups in the cloud are increasingly used. Whether to store individual files to make full backups, the cloud currently is an important part in the daily use of a system.

Unlimited Storage Space With Zoolz

Although there are many storage companies available, they usually tend to have little free space, and increased storage costs are often high. With Zoolz we will have unlimited storage space for $2 a month. Here are some of Zoolz features:

  • Excellent security by encrypting all files with a military AES 256-bit encryption.
  • Unlimited space for life. The files do not expire but you can not access them if you cancel the service.
  • It allows us to seamlessly copy both hard drives internal and external and network drives.
  • We can store any files on their servers.
  • Easy to copy and restore thanks to the Zoolz client.
  • It has extra features such as a special section for photographs, scheduling backups, file sharing, etc.

Various Plans Available

Depending on the subscription that you acquire, there are many offers that you can chose from. There is also a service for companies which is much more expensive, but with many advanced features and extra security. Here are some of the basic plans:

  • 1 year of service for $30 (US $ 2.5 per month).
  • 2 years of service for $55 (US $ 2.2 per month).
  • 5 years of service for $120 ($ 2 a month).

Zoolz Is an Excellent Alternative

Zoolz is undoubtedly an excellent tool to keep a backup of all files in the cloud for a price that is extremely fair. We have another place to store all types of content in the cloud. Zoolz, is am uch better alternative to other online backup services because you get 4 GB for free, and it provides us with the possibility of increasing this capability for free.

Earning Extra Storage

To increase our space all you have to do is send recommendations to friends to join Zoolz, for every friend who joins Zoolz, it give us 250mb, you can do so via e-mail or you can use different social networks. This is a nice way to help you earn extra space.

Uploading Your Files

You can upload your files directly from the website but to make things easier, Zoolz offers a program for the PC and at the same time an application for your android device, both programs allows you to easily upload your files. Both Zoolz services and applications for PC and Android are completely free.

Store Your Data Securely

Zoolz is the perfect place to store all your confidential and private data. It has been designed from scratch for storing data in the cloud safely and for life, with a comprehensive file recovery system. This is nice because if anything happens to your computer, you can easily get your information back. Here are some of the best features of Zoolz:

  • External backup and network drive: You can disconnect the units and store them online, Zoolz never marks files as missing or deleted.
  • 100% Safe: Zoolz encrypts your files before leaving your PC and securely transfers your files and stores them in encrypted servers using military grade AES 256 encryption
  • For life: Files are optionally duplicated across multiple secure facilities worldwide, which increases the reliability, ease and speed of access to your data needs long term. Your hard drives may die, but the data will live with Zoolz.
  • Hybrid system: Double your security protection with Hybrid Plus, it is the easiest way to save a local backup copy of your server, network or external hard drive.
  • Unlimited copies of security: Files, regardless of type or size, are automatically protected.
  • Flexible options: Set your own schedule, file filtering, backups, upload speed limit, and more.
  • Restoring files: You can restore a single file or all. Simply select what you want, and the restoration will begin without any intervention.

Zoolz Intelligent Cloud

Zoolz Intelligent Cloud


10.0 /10

Ease of Use

8.0 /10


10.0 /10


  • Intelligent Intuitive Features
  • Robust Encrypted Security
  • Generous Storage Capacities


  • Ease of Use could Improve